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The Old Bank - Covid-19 Measures


How we keep you and our teams safe!

The main thing we are focusing on at the moment is the safety of our customers and our teams and we have been working hard to make sure we can deliver that. Restaurants are happy and sociable places, so we also want to make sure you can enjoy yourself whenever you visit The Old Bank. 


With that in mind, we have set out a number of measures which will hopefully allow us to achieve the balance between the two. Please read through the steps we will be undertaking to make sure our spaces are safe and welcoming. 


  1. Limited numbers. We are limiting the number of guests who can dine with us at any one time, to control the arrivals, departures and use of the loos. Bookings are essential, now more than ever. Our maximum booking size at this time is 6 persons.

  2. Strict arrival times. Please make sure you arrive ON TIME. Please do not arrive early, as we may still be cleaning your table for you and we run the risk of overcrowding during turnover times. 

  3. Face coverings. Please ensure you wear a face covering in the restaurant whenever you are not seated at your table. Please feel free to remove it once you take your seat. 

  4. Table spacing. The Old Bank is a very intimate venue, which usually works to our advantage! At this time, we made sure that tables are spaced 1m+ apart and customers are sitting back to back whenever possible to meet the social distancing guidelines. We also encourage the customers to make use of our lovely garden - weather permitting!

  5. Ventilation. We will endeavour to keep the restaurant ventilated whenever possible.

  6. Hand washing. All staff will be washing or sanitising their hands between visits to different tables and between different activities, or at least every 15 minutes. Sanitising stations will be located at the entrance to the restaurant, the loo and the garden as well as in the restaurant and upon demand. 

  7. Ordering. We are limiting the number of members of staff looking after you and we will do our utmost to limit the number of visits to your table to a minimum. We will maintain a safe distance while we take your order and we will ask you to stack your plates whenever possible for us to collect once you have finished. 

  8. Cleanliness. With a five star health and hygiene rating, our hygiene procedures are already stringent. That said, we will make sure key touch points are sanitised regularly and even more frequently. 

  9. Toilets. Our toilets will be inspected during each service.

  10. Staff. We will check the temperature of our members of staff on arrival and look after their wellbeing whilst at work. Our members of staff will be wearing face coverings whilst looking after our guests. 

  11. Queueing system. We ask all arriving guests to wait outside to be seated. This way we can limit the number of guests leaving and entering the premises at the same time.

  12. Payment. Contactless payment is encouraged. We also offer Apple, Android and Google Pay, which do not normally carry the £45 limit. 

  13. Supply Chain. We are working closely with our suppliers, who will contactlessly deliver our goods to the back of the restaurant.

We will do our utmost to make sure The Old Bank is as secure and pleasant to be in as possible. But this reality puts us and our customers under a lot of added pressure. So please be kind to our staff, as we are all doing our best. If you have any questions, please contact us on 01485544080 or email

We so look forward to welcoming you soon. 

With love,

Aga and Lewis X

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